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Manufacturing facility

haide packaging rotomec

Bobst 888

10 colors Coat and uncoated rotogravure printing. Print web width 600-1240 mm, cylinder perimeter 450-900 mm, standard speed 350 meter/min, optimum speed 220 meter/min.

haide rotogravure press, bobst RS3.0

Bobst RS3.0

10 colors Coat and uncoated rotogravure printing. Print web width 600-1240 mm, cylinder perimeter 450-900 mm, standard speed 350 meter/min, optimum speed 250 meter/min.

haide laminator

Bobst CL850D laminator

Solvent / Solvent free dual function laminator. Maximum speed 450meter/min, Web width 650-1300mm, Flexo coating unit.

haide packaging


Solvent / Solvent free dual function laminator. Maximum speed 400meter/min, Web width 500-1240mm, Registered coating unit.

haide packaging

FUTEC Inspector / Rerewinder

Off line Printing and lamination defect inspector

haide packaging

Taide Slitting machine

Slitting Maximum speed 400meter/min, 40mm minimum width of roll.

Lab Services

At HAIDE we believe in quality, consistency, and innovation. The equipment in the hands of our highly skilled lab technician allows us the opportunity to monitor the quality of our products, test for performance, and carryout R&D for new product in divers market.  The ability to make decisions based on tested data is not only an investment in our future, but yours as well.   

We routinely provide Certificates of Analysis(C of A), Certificates of Compliance(C of C), data sheets on general product lines, and competitive film analysis.  Staffed with a dedicated full-time technician, we can provide accurate results in a timely manner for below tests:

To measure the product physical parameters

Dart Impact (Puncture Device)
To measure material puncture resistance characteristic

WVTR (Water Vaper Transmission Rate)
Is to measure the moisture barrier of single or multi-plyfilm laminate and is important for selecting the best film to package moisture sensitive products.

OTR (oxygen transmission rate)
Is to measure the oxygen barrier of single or multi-ply film laminate and is important for selecting the film to package products susceptible to oxidation.

GC (Gas Chromatograph)
To measure and determmine the presence and level of different solvents in the product.

Retort Chamber 
A fully automated Retort Chamber to test and analyse high retort pouches.

Elmendorf tear
To measure the tearing strength of divers aspect for film after lamination.

Elongation (Tensile Tester)
To measure the bonding strength of film after lamination or the sealing strength of materials.

Tensile strength
To measure the bonding strength from internal of film after lamination or the sealing strength of materials.

To measure the thickness of individual laminated material, by analyzing a cross section of the tested product.

* other results available upon request

Quality Assurance

Advanced quality control to meet the rigorous request of our clients worldwide.

Quality control is more than just testing the product as it comes off the line, it begins with strict supplier quality control as well as up to date technology and tools operation. At Haide Flexible Packaging we continually look for ways to improve and eliminate error wherever possible, striving for the highest quality flexible packaging products possible.

We have introduced FUTEC Defect Detection system in 2005 that allows us to find the start of a problem before it becomes a problem. Ensuring the highest level of quality flexible packaging products are what our customers have come to expect from Haide. Our quality control encompasses the entire process, starting with our Tracing function in our ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) by which we could record the imperfection, trapping, separation, etc.


Consultation Services

Considering the value of flexibility, experience and in-depth process knowledge, we make best choose of a flexible packaging solution. We enjoy mutually supporting relationships with our key clients who improve our capability for better manufacturing of product by packages’ shelf appeal. As a result, our customers consider Haide flexible packaging a critical resource in their value chain. Our mission is to provide our good customer with the best package for the needs – our knowledgable techman are always be aware of the whole process, types of materials function and laminations performance, and ready to answer any flexible packaging questions you may have.

Our team will assist you in any or all of the following areas:
- Pre-design process consultation – preemptively eliminates problems by our experiences
- Prepress supervision – ensuring the best process chosen and highest possible quality
- Testing of material, laminates and sealing – optimizing on-shelf performance.
- Process optimization – reduces waste and enhances production efficiencies
- Shipping planning – places your products on the shelf faster globally. 

Prepress Department

How could we make our graphic reproduction consistently exceeds client’s expectations? Not all local competitor could achieve this level of printing excellence. It cost time and have to be a willingness to optimize every details.

Superior printing, utilizing Direct Laser Engraving technology

The Prepesss dept. takes the responsibility to control the level of quality and provide a superior level of service to our customers. The efficiency in our printing process enable us to respond quickly and shortens lead times. The engraving utilizes a more streamlined process creating less process image quality loss under high speed gravure printing process and makes the duration longer.