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Frozen Food Packaging

Freezer to Plate, Convenience and Freshness

Haide Performance Packaging offers today’s widest and most competitive range of packaging technologies for the ‘ready-to-heat’ revolution and keep the content fresh as initial for long duration. From high-end laminations that create stand-out appeal, to soft surface-printed films, to high-heat steamable packaging, find the perfect frozen food package for your application.

   stand up pouch  freezer bag

Breadth and Capabilities for the fast growing Freezer lines


Create your frozen food package with Haide, ourInnovationCenterand concept-to-consumer development services. Frozen food packaging solutions from Haide Performance Packaging with world standard manufacturing for responsive, reliable supply.

Expertise for the Frozen Foods You Package

Get single-source efficiencies with extensive market experience and technical support for retail, institutional and foodservice packaging applications:

Frozen fruit packaging

Frozen entrees with pre-cooked chicken or beef packaging

Frozen ethnic food packaging

Frozen Fish packaging

Frozen pancake packaging

Frozen pasta with sauces or cheese packaging

Frozen side dishes packaging

Frozen skillet or microwave meal packaging

Frozen vegetable medleys with sauces or cheese packaging

Frozen vegetable packaging

Frozen waffle packaging

Efficient Frozen Food Flexible Packaging Solutions

Haide microwave packaging for ultimate heat-and-eat convenience
Lidding films for lid packaging & frozen tray
Pre-made Bags for efficiency, economy and aesthetic appeal
Pre-made Pouches from single-portion to family-size in formats including pillow, quad-seal and standup pouches
Rollstock including custom-engineered laminations
Steamable & Microwavable packaging with venting options